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April 05, 2010


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Don't think it is possible to be convinced of anything in unpredictable Afghanistan Craig. There are, however, key differences with Iraq. Saddam may have been a ghastly dictator, but womens' rights during his regime were actually better than in most Muslim countries. Iraqi women whose families were supportive had access to good education and often completed university. Under the Taliban, women had less rights than dogs as I am sure you know. They couldn't work, go to school or even venture out in public unaccompanied. NATO did not invade to improve the position of women, but a by-product of the invasion has been the re-establishment of girls' schools like these - often funded by independent NGOs. Cannot see how that could be viewed as anything other than a positive development.

I'm not as convinced as you Joan, purely because of the lip service and attention that was paid to womens rights in Iraq and then as the UK/US pulled out, it went back to being businesses as usual.

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