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April 25, 2010


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Er, just as a matter of historical fact, it was the British Empire which turned one of the most economically vibrant and rich areas of the world into what it is today, one of the poorest, called Bangladesh.

Bangladesh or Bengal as it was then called, was systematically plundered of its wealth and its home-grown industries were deliberately hampered and penalised, by the imperial British occupiers, in order to make way for more expensive cotton goods from the mills of Lancashire, which made profits for British buisnessmen not native Bengals/Bangladeshes.

Bengal/Bangladesh did have an export market in the British-induced opium production, which the British Empire forced their Chinese victims to buy at the point of the barrel of a gun(boat). Lews Castle, in Stornaway, was built on the proceeds of such British imperial drug-pushers as Sir James Matheson.

As with Bengal/Bangladesh whose wealth was such a burden to it - likewise Scotland and its oil wealth.

Anyway, what I originally came here for was this.
I immediately thought of GLG blog for some strange reason when I read this -

Love’s Labour’s Lost
Socialist Unity blog
26 Apr 2010

all the best GLG!

I know it's depressing, but Gray will be believed and the lies will be effective - Labour's spin merchants know what they are doing. Their principle task is to supply people with excuses for doing nothing. It's an easy brief, because we all adore reasons to do nothing. Vote for the familiar, vote to stay on the settee with your cup of tea or can of lager. Best of all, don't vote. It's so comfortable and undemanding.

Just because the Labour message is morally disgraceful doesn't mean that it's tactically unintelligent.

Nero had the right idea - learn to play the fiddle, so you can at least strike up a cheery tune as the place burns down.

Why is Gray even commenting on fantasy scenarios that are impossible to occur outside of Star Trek The Next Generation time travel episodes?

It's just daft!

Why is some of the press bothering mentioning this rubbish? Is it to deflect London Jim attaining the grand total of five percent from the poll?

Even though they should never have made this an issue, it was actually due to a question during the Scottish debate on Sky where someone used Hamilton as an allusion to Melgrahi. That being said Murphy did then use it as capital as can been seen in all the headlines this morning

Yet we don't see Bangladesh reapplying to join Pakistan, India, or indeed the UK.

Labour in Scotland has now dragged school shooting in Dunblane into the election. They really are beyond the pale and Iain Gray should be made to publicly apologise for his comments.

By the way results from SKY News debates:
Alex Salmond – SNP – 45%
Alistair Carmichael – Lib Dem – 33%
David Mundell – Tory – 15%
Jim Murphy – Labour – 5%.

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