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April 07, 2010


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Joan, well put. I'm not nitpicking with the following comment, just trying to make an additional point: "because that's all we can afford". We can afford far more, the amount raised annually by the licence fee in Scotland is roughly the same as the annual budget of RTE in the Republic of Ireland. The difference in provision should embarass any self-respecting Scot - which admittedly rules out Scottish unionists and therefore those in charge of suppressing Scottish nationhood in the field of broadcasting.

I think it is the saddest day for democracy when to get an unbiased view of what goes on one must rely on blogs and not the main stream media. Also, one must note that the minute that STV started showing teeth, they were pulled out by giving their news service to more of the unionist supporters in the Scottish Media

Good piece as usual from one of the two bravest journalists in Scotland right now - the other being Kenneth Roy.

Mr Roy of course generously allows Newsnet Scotland (us) to use his articles - who knows, perhaps Joan might donate a blog piece or two over the coming weeks - our online editor hails from the same neck of the woods as Joan albeit a less 'attractive' part (upper Larkfield).

Visit us at

Good luck all.

The BBC lost its way a long time ago with its reality make over shows showing that they were chasing viewing numbers rather than keeping honesty and standards to the fore.

I understand the nationalist sentiments behimd your argument, but I struggle to see how an abundance of Mr Nick Robinson could be mistaken for a good thing. Also, I am far from convinced that the jumping fellow in your photograph is Mr Eric Morecambe.

I disagree with Allan Christie's comment. Kirsty Wark "lovely"? No, can't concur.

The rest of your post is spot on, however...

It will ever be thus. We must always be made acutely aware that anything of any importance happens elsewhere. It's such a great contributer to our children's positive self image.

Absolutely Joan, the BBC coverage of the election from a Scottish perspective is laughable yet appalling. Any coverage on Scottish issues usually consists of Nat bashing from lovely people such as Glen Campbell and our own very lovely Kirsty Wark but even that will be confined to some obscure slot on the BBC.

I think if people in Scotland want to keep up with election events in Scotland then they should turn to blogs such as you own and other Scottish blogs. They offer a great deal more info and fact than our own appalling biased Labour media.

What is certain is that the SNP and Scottish issues will struggle to make it onto the BBC but the Scottish news papers ie Scotsman/Herald will have plenty of negative lies churning out every day against the SNP.

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