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April 23, 2010


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Funny how often Billy Bragg's picture appears on the same page as Nick Griffin. Just a thought.

Jim Rivers: cannot work this link but see it leads to Scotland Against Racism site. A fine campaign. Nobody suggests racism doesn not exist in Scotland but it has nothing to do with the SNP, as the party's non-white members/supporters would verify. To suggest that the movement for self determination/independence in Scotland is intrinsically racist is just another attempt at intimidation. Where the national liberation moments in colonised Africa/India racist? What about Eire in 1916, or Tibet today. Wanting to to wrest control of your own destiny from a larger polity is not racist. Neither is celebrating your own traditional culture and history - as long as it doesn't diss anyone else.

I love BB as much as anyone but he's wrong on this one, as you are. See

He told Channel 4 News: "There is a malfunction somewhere in the idea of an English national identity.

"I look at the BNP and I look at the SNP.

"The SNP is a progressive force. You don't see Alex Salmond standing around with a load of Scandanavian skinheads doing Nazi salutes. There's a real problem."

TYPO APOLOGY Enthusiastic followers of this blog who read my post within the first ten minutes may have been alarmed by a typo. It suggested that Billy was campaigning for the BNP in Barking when of course it should have said against. It does now and I am sure anyone who chanced on this error would know it was a mistake. Billy is, famously, a tireless campaigner against fascism. Still, best to point out and say sorry...

Brought a tear and goosebumps, joan. will there a record with the words 'living wage' ever make the charts again? xx

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