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April 06, 2010


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There was the starving out of peasantry in Glen Ey (just one example) so that Queen Victoria could take ownership of the lands in NE Scotland.
In more recent times it was the Highlands and Islands development board that was Thatchers engineered method of eviction.
In 2009, Milden estates in Glenesk, owned by the playboy Lord Hanson, successfully evicted the remaining tennants in Glenesk, by using harrassment methods such as posioning sheep dogs, pets, releasing sheep and running over new born lambs were used as a lever to eviction.
Scotland should now look at passing its own land reforms and breaking the stranglehold held by English fuedal lords and the sons of their industrialists.

For more information, facts and figures on Scotland Oil and Green Energy.

The Scottish media is what is holding Scotland back because if the SNP trip up it will be blown up out of all proportion with damaging headlines for weeks on end.

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