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April 03, 2010


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the kids being lifted over the barrier. Not many women, right enough, but the upside was no WAGs..

This was a light-hearted little posting so I was quite surprised at the venom in some of the unprintable comments I received from people claiming to be fans of Rangers FC. I moderate the blog and have not published them. The latter part, about the need for a decent museum for fans to go to could easily have applied to Rangers and Ibrox. I'm sure they too have a magnificent archive of photographs and memorabilia which is not on display. They too have a global following and are an important part of the cultural history of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Scottish and Scots-Irish diaspora.

However the people commenting on this post weren't interested in addressing that, they just wanted to abuse me for being a Celtic fan and being friends with Kevin McKenna. For the record guys, Kevin got into trouble for making comments before I knew him - 20 years ago, right? Your bitterness stretches back a long way. I have no idea what he said at the time, but if his comments were offensive, I imagine they were made after a long night, when spirits were high and drink was taken. And they would not have been meant seriously. Exactly the same as Donald Findlay who has suffered years of unfair villification for much the same thing. I like Donald Findlay and hired him as a columnist when I was acting editor of The Herald. Unfortunately my successor didn't agree with that appointment so his tenure was short-lived.

I would put the men who have posted abusive comments as inhabiting the same bitter, unforgiving world as the Celtic "fans" who threatened to boycott The Herald for giving Findlay space to write a totally innocuous column.Any genuine Rangers fans who want to comment on Scottish football, the museum angle or anything else are most welcome. Have a look at the respt of the blog. I have not gone easy on my fellow Celtic fans in politics recently! I print all comments unless they are abusive, obscene or libellous.

The future generations are unaware what faces them let alone overpaid footballers, some of us can remember our weekly dip whether(did check) we needed it or not! Glad I wasn't the oldest.

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