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March 10, 2010


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I don't really understand the point of whether or not it is a crime to commit suicide in scotland or take your own life. As far as I am aware I am aware it is under common law, but its a pointless issue as no-one would be charged for it. Equally, I don't really understand why its important to argue over whether its important we call it committing suicide or taking your own life. It is clearly something that should be discouraged as something that is socially acceptable, unless your speaking about people taking their own life where they are terminally ill.
I think what is really good and important about this article is how people suffering mental health issues can easily become isolated and neglected and how refugees and their family and more vulnerable than others. Also how our treatment of them and the treatment of them by the borders agency is really what is criminal.

Just wanted to say thanks for this. I've lost close family to suicide but it's never occurred to me before just what's implied by the use of the word "committed". A very thoughtful piece.

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