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March 08, 2010


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...or even suitably bated...

I get the impression you know even more than you are currently revealing. I wait with breath suitable bated...

You are one of the few REAL journalists left in Scotland. My hat is off to you, but watch your back.

Thanks for all these kind comments. Just back from Reform Scotland dinner in Signet library where there were many more leads on this affair from those who know Glasgow well. the Edinburgh guests just listened with their mouths open - aghast...

What you write about is incredible but is just the inevitable bi-product of a nation in which:

1) there is very little independent political thinking, except maybe on the far left;

2) there is very little choice between the offerings of any of the main parties, with even the nominally right wing party bereft of ideas (let alone talent or spine), and thus we have very little real democracy, parliament or no parliament;

3) the media is hugely reliant on government funding (via Public Sector advertising for jobs, public awareness campaigns etc) so is terrified of carrying out real investigative journalism;

4) even the careers of senior police officers are tied up in real politics so unable to act without thinking about the impact on their careers.

Keep up the good investigative work!

You really should consider a book on this whole affair.

As always Joan you reach into the core of the propaganda which has been churned like best cream.

I and many like me, depend upon your professional investigative instincts to lead us to the truth. For that I thank you.

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