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March 06, 2010


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The Nationalist boycott of the Herald will curtail the pro unionist bias of the Scottish press The carrot and stick approach of moving to the Scotsman will increase the effectivness of the boycott spread the word.

I can't find your article in the online edition of the Times, Joan - unfortunately Ms Hjul has prominence.

Great post Joan

Nothing sinister about it fitaloon. Edited the post last night after reading some Sundays and it got lost to make way for new material. Since you are so found of the line it is back in!

Why the change in the post, from your original?
Have the Heavies been at the Times?
Our paper also have a great Focus news feature which shines a light on the murky Labour establishment of councillors, lawyers, quangocrats, property speculators, car dealers and nightclub owners who still exercise enormous – but often invisible – power in the West of Scotland.

Cybernat is pithy and rather cool. It should be reclaimed. Someone should design a t-shirt and button badge. Maybe I will move into merchandising...

Always disinclined to be daubed with the shit-stick of 'cybernat', I have,until now, been fairly reticent about my personal convictions anent the 'Scottish' press.
Alas, it becomes ever more difficult to claim with anything approaching a vertical visage that they are other than brass-neckedly partisan.
In a fine example of the Caledonian Cringe, I feared being seen as a whingeing, unsophisticated, paranoid, parochial, tin-foil hat wearing Little-Scotlander.
Now I feel utterly liberated by our press' craven show of establishmentarianism. I feel irreproachably indignant over their concerted and continuous vilification of a party which, after all, received more votes than any other party at the last Holyrood elections.
The mind-shackles are off! Sticks and stones may break my bones but 'CyberNat' will never hurt me.

First class blog.

I wait with interest to see if the 'relationship' aspect that is rife within the lesbian and gay community of Glasgow makes it into print.

Oh, please click on my link to read/hear an example of what passes for balanced impartial BBC Scotland journalism.

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