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March 12, 2010


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David, yes. Excellent brief explanation of the classic colonial model - center (London) to periphery (Scotland). Fair warning.

And can Scotland bring sufficient leverage to the the planning and timing of such projects, reaching toward northern lands, without control of significant funds?

This, of course, is the wrong way round. It is all predicated in getting people more quickly into London.

We need something that activates the peripheries if we are talking in sensible economic terms. If you strengthen the peripheries the centre profits. If you strengthen the centre the peripheries shrivel.

Any high speed rail link should probably start from Aberdeen and work its way south (especially as oil money will pay for it - if it actually happens)

Mark, it isn't 'another country' that lies and belittles us, it's the British establishment and its clientelé. Indeed, the worst offenders are among us.
I'm happy enough that Joan's articles and blog posts are free of party dogma. I don't need her to swear fealty to my present party of choice (though I have to make it clear I have no loyalty to them - only to my principles and beliefs.)
We do need an element of balance in the media but, unless we take steps ourselves, it's never going to happen.

Joan, I'm astounded, a journalist with a balanced view of Scottish politics. Yet you don't support the SNP? Your comment about Scotland's oil revenues surely must lead you to the opinion that we would be better off if we were independant. Then you could start a new party to keep the rampant SNP in check, the Scottish republicans, or even the Scottish democrats. At least we wouldn't be governed by another country that lies and belittles us at every turn .

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