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March 17, 2010


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Skipping the rest and straight to the booze.. I've found that Gin & Tonics go down much more easily with a slab of cucumber to balance out the acidity of the tonic.

Ummm - I'd be cautious about getting over-enthusiastic about this one, Serbia attachment to 'Scottish' kultur may turn out to resemble southern US whites attachment to the myths of Braveheart.

No definitely not part of Turbo Folk but not big in Kosovo either, for sure.

Van the Man takes some beating, Irish Hearthbeat is one of my favourite ever albums. Raglan Road - awesome!There's also a lovely traditional version of Star of the County Down by John McCormack on YouTube. His diction is so good you can learn all the words!

These guys are excellent! Always did like Van the Man's version with the Chieftains backing him up.

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