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February 01, 2010


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Also, having just moved to East Dunbartonshire from Glasgow - and Dad to a bright 8 year old girl - I can't get my head around the fact that Kirkintilloch High has consistently been "rated" the worst performing school despite having half the number of pupils than the best performing school and barely a % difference in the teacher to pupil ratio. Maybe a case of teachers falling down on the job? Who knows?

Finally, as my wee girl gets older, suddenly I find the English thing of single-sex secondary schools a lot more attractive. Frankly, the results for both sexes within a single sex environment appear to be significantly better. And, of course, it means my wee angel doesn't have to rub shoulders with bullying wee neds - result!

Whilst I applaud GCC for doing everything they can for its poorest and most disenfranchised residents - after all "investment" in the early years appears to "yield" disproprtionate benefits - I do take the point that there is a lack of rigour in our secondary school establishments. A lack of rigour and academic challenge that might well be corrected by streaming children from S1 onwards and recognising that there will always be inequality in academic ability. Whilst I realise that this might mean offending many who hold comprehensive values most dealy, it would seem to achieve the objective of meeting the diverse needs of a typical student body within the comprehensive system as a whole.

For the life of me I can't understand what CFE brings to the table other than making life for teaching staff easier and more relaxed.

What about the parents who nurture their kids but do not have the money to move to a decent catchment area? They deserve to have their aspirations met as well Taken to its conclusion,this means if you live in Glasgow you will get an education that is tailored to meet the needs of underachievers. That's sad. Smaller class sizes would have benefitted all kids, regardless of their needs

Unfortunately a look around Glasgow will show you that the Nurture classes are needed more than the aspirational classes. Parents who vote with their feet to East Ren already have the money to spend on their childrens education with extra curricula activities and the support needed for their aspirations.

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