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January 20, 2010


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This sounds like the usual 'moral panic in the media' type nonsense.

Anyway, try this for a hangover cure.
At c.19 minutes the News Quiz team discuss Buckfast. It's a hoot, but so is the rest of the programme.
Enjoy -

The News Quiz
BBC Radio 4
22/23 Jan 2010

all the best GLG.

Hmmm. Spare us your sympathy. If the UK government had followed the SNP route and introduced a minimum price in England, someone would have used exactly the same headline on the basis that the English poor were having to pay higher prices to discourage Scottish drinking habits.

Not that I would in any way wish to discourage the SNP with its plans for Scotland. There will be fortunes to be made from Calais type booze warehouses just south of the border.

I lived in England for many years and recall the alarm raised in slumbersome Maidenhead when the town centre was declared “a no-go area” on Friday and Saturday nights, at the same time I was reading in the Scottish press that Scottish provincial towns like Kelso were experiencing the same blight.
That was in 1988! So governments have been very slow to learn.

Called social engineering the NuLabour way, helps to get there future voters in the right frame of mind.

Yes good piece agree 100%

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