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December 15, 2009


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Regarding Ms Millar's informative prog, the elephant in the room was Independence, or rather the lack of it.

North Sea Oil was talked up as a Scottish industry that 'led the world' but not a cheep on the billions lost to Scotland as oil flowed South.

And little to inform the casual viewer that the great renewables opportunity facing Scotland is worryingly dependent on the policy priorities of the Westminster govt - tax, capital investment, international cross border initiatives & so on.

However, it is up to our national government to make the case again & again, & as posted earlier, this needs to be rapidly improved.

I notice that Glen Campbell is hosting a debate tonight on BBC on 'Scotland's Green Feature' - perhaps this time we will get a serious debate rather than the usual X Factor guff that is our usual grim fare.

I posted on this a few days ago. Instead of giving all this money to thirld world countries so that their dictators can salt it away in Swiss banks, why don't we spend a little of it here in Scotland, developing the technology which can benefit both mankind and the Scottish economy at this time of recession.

Ms McAlpine, my respect for you as a journalist and blogger continually rises.

Unfortunately, at the same rate my respect for the BBC and for the disgusting Mr. Campbell continually sinks.

Hi there
I agree TartanSeer the Scottish government should be more bullush on this, I think they have been scared off say/doing anything that suggests they are "blaming London". But it is hard to get away from the fact that we are on the cusp of something here which, if we don't invest, could slip away from us. Jim Mather's contributions to the excellent Haley Millar programme tonight on renewables were interesting. He emphasised how fortunate Scotland was, how well we were doing...but there was no killer line saying we need to control energy ourselves. He was to busy being positiveabout everything. Am about to go onto facebook to ask the director if it was edited out. Brilliant programme though, very well researched and laid out the stark choice Scotland faces.

The Scottish government's push for renewables - and the massive potential that exists for Scotland to corner a large part of the global market in associated investment & jobs - is a perfect example of why we need to return sovereignty to this country.
Personally, I would like to see the FM making a good deal more of this & ratcheting up the rhetoric on the north sea inter-connector as a crucial national interest threatened by England's prerogative.

As Queen Bess said, "Prerogative is the choicest flower in my garden" - time that this C17th English monarch's prerogative, vital for a country then as now, was repatriated to Scotland's parliament.

By the way, in the light of Glen Campbell's disgrace to BBC journalism on Newsnight Scotland last night

isn't it an insult to the office of the FM and, by extension, the people of this country, that BBC Scotland (sic) ignored Scotland's input to the Copenhagen Conference, a vital international gathering and the first that Scotland has attended in her own right, albeit at sub-State level?

No doubt Pacific Quay were under instruction to keep things reassuringly parochial.

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