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December 19, 2009


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Excellent Alison, must try to get it on catch up

I caught the radio version in the car yesterday, was in fits of laughter. Hilarious!

Delighted to see so many positive comments about this. And Hector, thanks for the link. Not normally a great fan of hoax calls but this is genuinely funny.

Joe90 The sketch you remember is Taysiders in Space from Chewin' the Fat. An absolute scream. Watch oot fir that big hoor o a spaceship!

About time. Sounds good. Need more of this from BBC.

One of the most memorable sketches of a 'Kick Up the Eighties' (I think it was) was a spoof on Star Trek where the crew were all Dundonians - Elaine C. Smith and the gang were glorious

ha ha ha, brilliant!

Excellent! It was only the other day a friend and I were bemoaning the lack of Scottish comedy from outside Glasgow (while watching Scotch and Wry and trying to find Scotland the What? available for download...I kid you not).

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