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November 28, 2009


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For an in depth explanation of the Catalunya/ Spain schism see"
Life on the Receiving End by Matthew Tree, an expat Brit in BCN who gave this paper at the LSE.

To answer your question, Cruachan, in this referenda everything will be paid by the local comissions (associations) created in every town/city where the referendum will be held: paid by people's, groups & local parties donations among others; also money gathered through meetings, activities held during the last couple of months.

Thousands of volunteers are involved, too. It's a kind of "national" referendum, but organized localy. Some examples you can check, from town committees:

he was really interesting that guy!
as was the debate!

Really interesting post and what a great idea, a kind of "Local Conversation" in each town.

This is worth trying next year whether or not the Holyrood Referendum Bill is passed. All helps to build the momentum. Critics will say that people vote differently when it really matters (ie in the actual Referendum when it comes), but as an initiative (administered by the Electoral Reform Society or similar) this would be hard to beat for galvanising real engagement by local communities. One question, who pays? Even local referenda cost money.

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