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August 16, 2006


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The article misses the main point, the centrality of the jihad ideology to Islam. Islam is an absolutist, authoritarian, extremist and totalitarian ideology. Jihad is its default position. The Koran commands Moslems to wage war on the infidel wherever the infidel is found until the infidel is converted, subjugated or dead. What has made the resurgence of jihad possible is Saudi Oil wealth and mass immigration of Moslems to Western countries.

Moslems are waging jihad all over the world from Nigeria to the USA to the Philippines. Neither Nigeria nor the Philipppines of Thailand have committed atrocities against Moslems or invaded their lands. Thus the pretext changes whilst the jihad continues. Excuses from Moslems about foreign policy, impoverishment, backwardness and alientaion are secondary issues. Even if these factors are removed, the jihad will continue.

The centrality of jihad to Islam is why the inappropriately named "Moderate Moslems" cannot restrain or condemn the violent ones as they are fully aware that this violence is what their religion commands.

The only realistic solution to end this violence is the expulsion of Moslems from the West and their confinement and isolation within Moslem lands.

Islam must be recognised for what it is - a violent and totalitarian political ideology. It is not possible for either Westerners or Moslems to reform it and it is beyond our power to convert Moslems to other religions. As long as Moslems remain Moslems and remain in significant numbers in the West, there will be continued violent conflict.

I agree with your detailed analysis of the situation. In my humble opinion, the issue of the exploitation of the Middle East’s oil reserves is the most pressing and worrying.

I agree with your detailed analysis of the situation. In my humble opinion, the issue of the exploitation of the middle east’s oil reserves.

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