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August 28, 2006


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In response to the comments of Kevin Mckenzie, I would point out this is exactly the problem in this country, having an alternative opinion makes you a bigot because pc's like you Kevin are so easily offended, or at least claim to be.
Let make it clear for you, I have no problem with any faith and certainly would not defend the filth that mars the terraces of my club from time to time, howvere I do have a problem when I am expected to pay for something that exempts me.
I am happy to listen to your arguement however you point out that it has nothing to do with scotlands education system, so lets be clear that is nothing more than your opinion which I respect.
Unfortunately the "narrow minds" you mention doesnt allow you to give the same respect to other people.

Reading the comments above, no wonder sectarianism is Scotlands shame, I am not religous or have been 'christened' but am I to be tarred with your brush because I support one team or another, it's got nothing to do with schools, it's our perception and fears, get over these they are not important this is only apartheid in another form. I've spent 20 years outside Scotland, would I move back?? With the narow minds seen here I doubt it, I wnat my kid to wear his shirt with pride and not the fear of getting beaten up because of the thugs who call themselves supporters.

Sorry Joan your article is so bias I feel I have to respond.
I am a proud Rangers fan and have no problem in any man blessing themselves if they find comfort in this then good for them.
My issue with the catholic church is there demand for faith schools which divide the community however they expect other faiths within that very community to fund them through the tax system. I have no doubt in the crazy society that we now live in Scotland this view will have me labelled a bigot as it doesnt fall into the nicey nicey political correct norm however until these schools go or are privately funded Scotland will never move forward.

The problem is that too many Catholics in Scotland regard themselves as Irish first and foremost, if not exclusively. Glagow Celtic, Eire Og, Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and other subersive entities are the tip of the iceberg. The segregated schooling is both cause and symptom of the reason for the sectarian divide. No Caledonian, regardless of political opinion, should ever step foot in Parkhead Stadium and no British team should compete against Glasgow Celtic until Celtic relocates to the country to which it owes its loyalties.
Then when Dublin Celtic F.C. come to Scotland, we will meet them, greet them and beat them. Until then nothing will change.

Joan McAlpine is trying to tell us in her latest anti Rangers bile, that she was on an underground train that was trying to be derailed by Rangers fans screaming 'Fenian scum'

If this is fact, then she would have been on the only sectarian derailment in British history,as only catholics would have been killed or injured.

Rangers may think they are trying to address their "problem" but the footage from Manchester just highlights the divide. I have never seen Celtic fans behaving that way. I am fed up with the "both sides are to blame" this article. Its simply not true. And there is a reason for that ...if you're a catholic you will already know...but respect for your fellow man and a sense of social responsibilty are just two of the many lessons we learn all through our family and education....personally i blame catholic schools....and their families ..and the church....pretty good advert for society i would say :-)

I too am trying to buy the play "Orange Blossom Girl" and would like details of the publisher and ISBN number please.
Many thanks,
Paula Brooks

I am trying to buy your play "Orange Blossom Girl" but at present can't find the publisher-can you let me know how to go about ordering it?

Many thanks,

Laura Whittard

growing up as a Catholic in Glasgow and now at 73 I can still recall being denied my first job by a publisher in Bath St, who told me in no uncertain terms that they did not employ Catholics.This is just one of the many insults I had to endure as a Catholic.I see that Glasgow is now a city in decline, it is well deserved.

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