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February 17, 2011


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@peter I can see you're not bitter :-)

We shall all miss Wendy, but, I can assure you, the Labour Party in Scotland will get along quite nicely. Unlike the SNP, the Party is much bigger than any one individual and always will be. Leaders come, leaders go - they are but mere custodians of a position.

As for MacWhirter's so-called "analysis", from his spittle-flecked diatribe on Newsnight it was clear for all to see that he did not enjoy what you might refer to as the confidence of La Wendy.

Bon soir Wendy - I loved you even if no one else did. Perhaps one day you might even "pull an Alex" - swear blind you will not stand for office under any circumstances, make it known that one of the declared candidates is not your cup of tea, and then throw your hat in the ring moments before the deadline and after said candidate has stood aside for "the sake of the party". Alex Neil, what a pure sap you are! Nice one Alex.


The update is interesting - I can well understand why she quit. Imagine being second choice behind Andy Kerr for anything!! Total humiliation.


I am fascinated by your update. It does appear, then, that the lady is going off in a huff.

What happens now? The Labour Party presumably won't want her flouncing about in a state of permanent disgruntlement. I wonder what would put her in a nice mood and repair the rift within the lute.

"It is the little rift within the lute,
That by and by will make the music mute."
(Tennyson, Idylls of the King)

Would the usual peerage be in order? One knows how much peerages seem to mean to some Labour politicians. Once upon a time one would have sworn blind that Lord Jack of Glensorrydale or whatever wouldn't have cared to be seen dead in ermine. But look at him now.

Enjoyed the typo Joan. It put me in mind of legendary American investor T. Boone Pickens, who famously said "a hundred million here, a hundred million there.....pretty soon you're talking real money"


Another excellent article.

Alibi, now that made me laugh!

Most things touched by Jim Murphy is going belly-up and by the law of lessening risks - his reputation in Wastemonster when further compounded by the fact that he is a Scot, albeit and ironically, of the very apologetic North British camp, seems to be disappearing like snow off a dyke. For the latest opinion poll check out what the new kid on the block Michael Dugher, a protegee of Ed Balls, thinks of him. Maybe Rami will come to his aid?

I await with interest the revelations of the real reasons behind her sudden resignation. My money is on some sort of financial scandal which will be revealed when she is reported to have amassed 100,000,000 Tesco Clubcard points.

Good article but one slight correction:

Had the Tesco tax been implemented the level of rates for those businesses affected would still be 0.7p in the pound lower than the equivalent English rate.

I believe Calum Cashley has a full breakdown of the figures on his blog.

No doubt Labour will be using every dirty tactic they can think of to gain power, from postal votes to disinformation.

also, the EBalls vs EMiliband rival manoeuvrings is definitely something to watch closely over the next few years.

I agree with you, dramfineday, but then I am not so well informed as Joan McAlpine.

@scottish politics well spotted corrected now. So many large sums bandied about since the banking crisis it's odd not to stick a bill or mill at the end of everything!

Goodbye and good riddance. Your performance as chair of the Scotland Bill was a disgrace and a disservice to Scotland.
In mitigation I can only think that you consider yourself as North British and so was affording us the Union dividend.
We don't want it.

OT This is worth listening to.

Labour in Scotland have no idea in their purpose other than oppose everything that anyone else thinks.

Great article, would just say though, £500k not £500m though chance would be a fine thing indeed! ;)

Another factor in M/s Alexander's ejector seat style departure may have been that she realised what a load of old cobblers the Scotland Bill is and what the likely impact on the country will be. Perhaps the penny dropped in the old planet sized brain. Clearly she didn't want to be around when reality crashes in. Mind you, maybe your version is nearer the truth Joan. Whatever it is, it looks like she's run away again.

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