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October 19, 2010


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Joan. Is there any chance that you could do an extended article about NEWSNET SCOTLAND?

Afraid it will make no difference Joan!

The intelligent people have already worked out that newspapers, like the tv, print only what they want, or are allowed to print. They are part of the problem of the dis-information being put out by the governments and these people know it and that is why they stop buying these papers.

The rest of the people just continue to buy their even worst tabloids, like the Sun, Daily Record etc, because they feed them the trash that they are happy with although even these people seem to be waking up now to what is going on.

There is a fast growing number of people like myself now who would not part with a penny for any newspaper now - print or online, because they are a joke when it comes to news and informed information. Same goes for TV.

This has already been done before, such as '20 minutes' in France, though I think that paper is free. It's certainly an interesting time for newspapers as they seek to accommodate the internetwith the right blend of 'hard-copy' and online 'product' and pricing policy.

What The Independent did NOT tell The Guardian:

I doubt that The Independent's initiative will have any effect as it'll need to successfully compete with the Metro which fulfils the same function for free. Yes, Metro's shit... but commuters are an undiscerning lot.

The real hope for quality journalism is the App Store and iTunes model. But there needs to be a huge culture change... people are accustomed to the idea that the Internet is free.

Most people understood that downloading music for free was illicit and were willing, to some extent, to change their ways once a viable monetised alternative was put in place. The same cannot be said of journalism and this is partly because most newspapers continue to distribute content for free.

News International's subscription model is a step in the right direction but ultimately, it'll be the adoption of a more flexible model that'll ensure good journalists continue to receive a proper reward for their endeavours.

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